Teen Drama My father vs I

21 01 2010

Teen Drama
My father vs I
One scene
Wall illustrate AFTER ALL HOUSE, Marni LANTAI plot. That phrase protest TO Marni father, For Always Disallows court.
PRIOR, Marni protested by strike BICARA week. AGAIN EARLIER, IA hunger strike Exit ROOMS AND NOT THREE DAYS 3 NIGHT.
NEW FROM MARJUKI come villages, surprised the ACTION Marni.
Yes, forgiveness. Protest this model is more Marni? Period, the whole house digambari like this? Oops … … aduuhh also what this picture?
(MORE CAREFULLY look) Yes forgiveness, Marni .. Marni protest … I think you have enough. Seven-day strike talk, 3 days 3 night hunger strike and did not exit a room, eh there’s more. The whole house digambari well. Abstract painting again. Matter of protest in a way that others are, ok. The father can receive. But this abstract painting, my objection. Painting is aturannya. The first person must paint realism, surealisme, and then the other, new abstract.
Marni: That’s ancient.
MARJUKI: What if the old one?
Marni: What if a modern one is also good?
MARJUKI: Marni never, do not get the father argue. tired
Marni: Marni also tired, therefore people a week still.
MARJUKI: Marni, tegaskan father once again. Father does not forbid you girls. Only the father did not agree with caramu. You girls do not know the time. Morning, afternoon, evening, night. That one. Second, the father you want to really choose a suitable young man.
Marni: That’s the same with prohibited.
MARJUKI: Other, Marni. Different.
Marni: Same!
MARJUKI: Mmm … debate again.
Marni: Previously, his father forbade Marni Ongky closer together. “Do not be a different religion” said the father. Then Marni Taufik close together, the father also prohibited. “Do not children with officials. Poor do not deserve, be rich “so.
Now, near the same Marni Anto, he clearly both children, one faith, not the child’s officials. What else? What father does not have a word other than “do not”?
MARJUKI: Who willingly have children the same court of unemployment?
Marni: Who says he is unemployed? He schools his father.
MARJUKI: If the school each morning ngapain wigwag ride motorcycles?
Marni: Morning he motorcycle rider
MARJUKI: When school?
Marni: Log In Anto afternoon.
MARJUKI: What if the school lunch nights come here often? Exhausted school mustinya go home, not to play here.
Marni: Night he narik angkot father. If more quiet, or angkotnya brought another new play. Anto not every night here?
MARJUKI: O, driving the shoot? Marni forgiveness, what can be expected from the motorcycle taxis and chauffeur shoot?
Marni: Do not worry. He has high ideals, have a platform!
MARJUKI: Terms that are required as a prospective husband is a well-established life, still have a job, earn enough, and unfortunately the same for you.
Marni: That ancient opinion.
MARJUKI: Let the old one is better?
Marni: Let the modern one is also good?
MARJUKI: Do not invite debate Marni. Tired!
Marni: I was also tired and does not have the time. Still much to be doing Marni. The entire house must be my painting. But catnya less. Permission first. I would like a cat. (Go)

TWO scenes

A high school auditorium. Noon.
student / STUDENT Medium Ektrakurikuler dancing. Moving life WITHOUT THEM. MAKE MOTHER Wiwik briefing.

MOTHER Wiwik: Try to note all. Irna, Audi, Lala, all in a quiet first.
Watch ya. Dancing is not the original move. But bergeraklah with feelings, emotions or with greget. Dibarengi without feeling, you will not dance interesting. Vapid, empty. As the robot! And spectators will be bored quickly, and go home. Sad. Show the audience left before the time is a very sad spectacle.
Now try again from the beginning. Try to use music. Mother would like to toilet. Irna, pimpin friends, yes. (Go)
IRNA: Well, ma’am. Yuk, my friends. Jump ya?
LALA: please rest .
AUDI: Heeh, Boring.
OTHER: Yes. Stiff also?
AUDI: Bush also dance tradition. Where slow movement
OTHER: Bucket …
IRNA: Who first confirmed Bush dance tradition?
AUDI: Eh, I not longer. With a decision?
LALA: Yes. But provokator you. Lala is a modern dance . you persevere.
AUDI: Turbulence is also my mother. Tradition, tradition aja, so that you know the tradition. (Marni Mendadak Appears)
Marni: Heh, get that exercise. Do not complain.
ALL: Eh, he come.
LALA: Heh, he said the school still balk. come?
Marni: I just drop in, run out to buy a paint.
AUDI: How paint home? Wah, seems like party? Anto parents would apply?
Marni: Crazy! But true friends, I have party. You must come, ya?
IRNA: What events do the obvious?
Marni: Come alone, the main exciting. This event surprises, so do not accidentally use an explanation. Come and take any food, Kueh kek, rujak kek. What, soalnya nggak I was cooking. The other to tell ya? (Go)
AUDI: What event?
ALL: Know where.
THREE scenes
IN A PLACE. Night.
ANTO alone, depressed heart.
ANTO: (singing)
ANTO: You devil!
CEPI: Relax friend, quietly. Please calm. All safely restrained, because there CEPI. You remember right? Bayu, Agus, Edo, Tyas, Audi, Lala, Irna, all have had problems in love affairs. CEPI come but once, all problems is finished. So please be patient, calm.
ANTO: Indeed, who is a noise?
CEPI: Now I are thinking, how my father so that you can receive Marni. But I said previously heard. This is important and needs to be known to all. This ancient science, but effective. Unfortunately people often forget.
Here, in this life there are two things to keep in mind: success or failure. Win or lose. Happy or sad. Happy or miserable. In matters of love, and there are only two possibilities: accepted or rejected. So cool.
ANTO : Indeed, who is a noise?
CEPI: If love is received, we are happy. But actually there are a million risk of waiting. You must rally every Sunday night, should come on time, must be thinking what clothes and perfume reasonable use, have pocket money, and what the appropriate gift is given at the time he celebrates the anniversary.
ANTO : Indeed, who make the rules?
CEPI: That is just the beginning stages. The next stage, the more difficult. You must come at the grandfather-grandmother, and the om tentenya their time party , must come the cousin-marrying her cousin, or ultah and such.
ANTO: Who make the rules?
CEPI: At the most serious, the time you have a marriage with him, for example, spelled out for you the most proud people in their family, only because of the time they came not make the event arisan family. Imagine, arisan family, the most boring event in the world ye shall have to come. That is the risk if the love we received a girl. Thus rejected, actually better.
(ANTO laughing)
CEPI: Why laugh?
ANTO: You penyitir great.
CEPI: Mean?
ANTO: You proverb book “Living easy way to do smth lacquey” eh?
CEPI: I know?
ANTO: Reviews of the book uncle. I have read the book before printing. I just thought that I rote memorize, the more you know very well anymore. When you read the book, so the day before?
CEPI: Neither. Mentioned before here.
ANTO: Pantes, point to memorize komanya.
CEPI but sorry, I do not agree with the book. I am averse Singles lifetime. I truly pity the same Marni, and want to live with him in a moment. Can not, should be. Any obstacles that block,. (Go)
CEPI: Anto, wait. Anto! Busyet, Romeo once. (Following ANTO)
Four scenes
DIRECT THEM ALL the paintings Marni. MARJUKI to them, Marni NOT IN THE HOUSE.

MARJUKI: Please, come in all.
ALL: Thanks …
AUDI: How many hours went Marni, om?
MARJUKI: About 8 hours as possible. It seems, does not even say goodbye. When Marni deliver the invitation and have hajatan?
AUDI: Yesterday. Marni drop to the school.
IRNA: Marni says, shows few surprises. So do not use what program description.
LALA : Yes. Keliatannya where he was once a hurry. Exhausted paint and buy a lot of work at home. He is also a message that we take food. Marni does not akan sempat masak said. Om this, we take jajan market.
O, so ya? Yes .. ya .. Thanks .. thanks. Marni may mean that the event is a surprise, paintings that meet this house. For me as far as one does not have another surprise. We also did not have anything hajatan. So please enjoy these paintings.
(DIRECT ALL the paintings Marni)
AUDI: This is all the paint Marni om?
MARJUKI: Yes, Marni all.
IRNA: Extraordinary. Very talented.
LALA: Fantastic!
IRNA: Where Marni om study painting? I far as one, the school did not learn Marni.
MARJUKI: I also know less. Since childhood Marni more interested in dancing or singing.
AUDI: What this is done for a week more Marni does not go to school?
MARJUKI: Marni is the only day for the night.
ALL: Oh … extraordinary.
IRNA : It’s excellent! (WHEN SOME DIAM), Om, what with the fact Marni?
LALA: What he is being in love and …
AUDI: .. . and melarangnya om?
MARJUKI: I’ve never been prohibited. I only ask Marni youth choose the appropriate court and not any time. Do not disturb the court until the day learning. A general claim that every parent?
IRNA: May ask how om on Marni’s too hard, and …
LALA: .. Marni and injured himself.
IRNA: Yes, the injured heart. Om see, see all the paintings. I can catch, wound the heart that is, very …
AUDI: … Is in ….
IRNA: Sorry om, om as parents know more about how to love children.
But as children, we-the more we know what we need from parents. (ON THE AUDI) Not so?
MARJUKI: Maybe so …
AUDI: View om, who see the painting here.
MARJUKI: Yes, I see.
AUDI: Om see white clouds, which cause like?
AUDI: What feels om time to see the cloud of white?
AUDI: My heart felt empty pelukisnya the middle, lost hope, empty.
LALA : Perhaps, the time to paint is Marni, the blood stops flowing, because the pain is.
IRNA: Can be heart Marni serasa fly to the cloud, for the place where the earth does not stand any hope.
AUDI: Om look, black on the floor next to here?
MARJUKI: Similar cave coral pierced?
AUDI: Yes. What emerged in the imagination om consider this painting?
MARJUKI: Yes .. there is such ..
IRNA: I feel the future is bleak, dark ..
LALA: As well go without basic.
AUDI: Exactly!
IRNA: Maybe you should talk with om Marni, ask what happened. All this is painting a very clear hint, heart Marni are garbled. There may be a latent desire that is not accomplished. If so om me, I akan kabulkan any desire Marni.
LALA: Yes, om must talk and fulfill desires.
IRNA & AUDI: Must.
MARJUKI: (hesitating) Yes, yes, speak to the issue I think Marni is a good suggestion. And I have often tried. But if problems fulfill the desire Marni, I have to weigh-balanced first. And, sorry, yes, so, I have a meeting in the neighborhood villages. I’m already late. My neighborhood is the head of the most senior in this village, so ashamed if delayed. Do you want to wait Marni home, or what?
IRNA: (BINGUNG ALSO) Maybe we should go home.
LALA: Yes. Later we come again sometime.
OTHER: Marni ya salam buat om.
IRNA : Return on Marni, we are excited at the same time sad surprise over this event.
MARJUKI: Yes, yes … I sampikan later.
MARJUKI: Gauche. Dare-beraninya love me the same advice. What rights they told me the will obey what my child? Sok smart. I am struggling to pay for my son, I have the rights to the future of my son. This is certainly rationally-akalannya the same Marni Anto si.
Marni: (emerging from IN) Do not carelessly accuse father. I do not know anything. What Anto. All that they did before, is isnisiatif their own. I have but to prevent them persevere. That’s why I went.
MARJUKI: They came up undanganmu not you?
Marni: I really invite them, but just for a chat and farewell. I want to become migrant workers abroad. That’s next on protesku father. And I will continue to protest until I am the father of the same court Anto.
MARJUKI: O, so? So you think the outcry will allow the father?
Marni: Of course there are other requirements. I must be independent. With the work I have the money. With the money I can determine the front itself. Children will forever lose the sound, if the child is still depending on the money their parents.
MARJUKI: Stop Marni ! That mind is shallow.
Marni: We do not need to debate the father. I went first, many affairs. (Go)
MARJUKI: Marni … (pursuing Marni)

LIMA scenes
A PLACE. Night.
CEPI: I seriously Anto. You must be home to Marni. You will regret if Marni hurried away.
ANTO: Like to go if he does not the affection I know?
CEPI: Perhaps you have not know.
ANTO: From which you can be the news?
CEPI: Irna, Audi, Lala, all already know.
ANTO: If he had time to know the love of all the people I know do not be?
CEPI: May have not, therefore come to know. Find news, not passive.
ANTO: Perhaps it deliberately does not want you to know. It is the same I do not care.
CEPI: I know the nature of Marni. So he may not.
ANTO: He fact that.
CEPI: Anto is not possible. I believe this matter of time. Maybe he was waiting for the right time to talk with you. A long time does not meet each other. Usually you come to the house Marni, it is not. Usually the road with you, not now. Marni also no longer go to school.
ANTO: Indeed can not call?
CEPI: To which the telephone? You do not have HP, rarely at home.
ANTO: Clearly, he has changed. Unfortunately I do not anymore.
CEPI: Infer from the hustle and wrong, you better hurry to the house and Marni all so clear. There is no one accepted, there is no ill will. Come on, we are there. I am ready to accompany.
ANTO : If his father how to evict us? I was expelled trauma.
CEPI: Expelled us go. Dimarahi we dwell. Disuguhi we eat.
ANTO: You can say so, so I try you.
CEPI: If I am so you will never be expelled. Even the father of Marni akan kubikin search of me.
ANTO: How?
CEPI: Children gadisnya we buntingin!
ANTO: Ngaco!
CEPI: Let’s leave. Take motormu dong.
ANTO: On foot only. Knalpotnya to leak, very noisy. Marni’s father heard the sound of the most hateful motorku.
CEPI: Yes already. Ayo!
ANTO: Road in front of you, I am behind.
CEPI: Oops. So greatly. How is trauma? (CEPI STREET, ANTO Following behind)
ANTO: (Pause) Wait CEPI. Marni What if we do not want to meet?
CEPI: Easy, just remember the advice book “Living lacquey easy way to do smth.” Okay?
ANTO: No. I better go home. (Go)
CEPI: Forgiveness … Anto, Anto! So why you do so dastardly? Anto! Ampuuunn.
(ANTO CONTINUOUS ROAD, Following CEPI) Lamp Changed

Six scenes
Marni be FRIENDS-FRIENDS lest go.
AUDI: Marni Do not, do not go away. Going will not solve the problem.
IRNA: Thus you will make a new problem.
LALA: So foreign workers is not easy Marni. Kamu akan many difficulties.
IRNA: We suggest you immediately go to school. While we test again, next year we should study. Forget the desire is incompetent.
ALL: Forget … Marni!
Marni: (singing)
AUDI: Be patient, Marni. We are still many opportunities. Time is running, your father’s attitude certainly changed.
IRNA: Coeval we always diangap still a child. Court date has not been considered.
LALA: Indeed provoking, but everywhere is always so.
Marni: (singing)
IRNA: But the father does not melarangmu court. He only ask you select the right young people, and do not disturb the court to learn.
Marni: (singing)
My father never even dispel Anto. Gara-garanya very trivial. Motorcycle exhaust noise Anto the leak. While there are many motorcycle exhaust sound is more noise in front of the house. That’s not fair.
AUDI: But all the boyfriend-girlfriend we never have problems with our parents. All been treated unfairly. Relationship you will surely improve.
Marni: Injustice must diperjuangkan, comrade. Because he does not come from heaven. Relations can only improve, but there are certain principles and rights are. And oppress the downtrodden. And that’s not good.
LALA: But we’re still not willing to go you Marni. What else to go abroad for foreign workers so.
IRNA: Yes. Omonganmu earlier proves that smart you do not deserve so TKI. You must pass the high school and college.
Marni: Matter to be overseas and migrant workers, so I can really talk origin. Clear that I should go from the house. May protest that it susceptible for my father.
AUDI: Marni is better. You can stay in the house. Concerning school fees, do not worry. My father certainly would bantu.
LALA: My father also want bantu. But you have to take turns staying at home we do smth, so fair.
IRNA: Yes. I agree.
AUDI: If you are abroad, the same court Anto keep running smoothly. Backstreet life!
Marni: Hold on. You do not ngerti wrong. I went from home is not simply a protest.
But it also means independent. That I may not depending on who. That I may determine the future of freedom. You live in the home clearly is not the right choice. I remain so dependent people.
AUDI: Marni is not a problem. We help you sincere. That’s the friends.
LALA: Important that you can still school.
Marni: Utamaku priority now to be able to find work to pay for life itself.
I think the school later. Anto matter with the court, I myself still can not believe the road. Since my father outcast, he never appeared again. He was unmanly. But thank you both iktikad up. Good day, I went first. It’s necessary. (Go)
IRNA: Marni, wait. Marni!
LALA & AUDI: Marniii …
AUDI: How is he?
IRNA: I head up the stone?
LALA: Indeed, the head stone of sononya.
(CEPI comes rushing)
CEPI: He, see Marni?
AUDI: Just go.
CEPI: Anto?
AUDI: Nope. I already see Anto. Rather he rarely go now?
CEPI: Indeed.
IRNA: What?
CEPI: Perhaps the only Anto blandish Marni can not vague abroad.
Where I speak the same Anto that he came to meet Marni, but failed. Anto even cranky. Does not feel dipamiti. Indeed Marni same Anto not say goodbye, yes?.
IRNA: It seems so. Marni also cranky because Anto never come again since his father dimarahi.
CEPI: So? Wah, plus get involved. How to continue this?
IRNA: How, how? We also do not know how.
(Mendadak TERFIKIR) CEPI, what if we are to the task?
Here, try to find Marni …
CEPI: I am just now home to him, but no …
LALA: Earlier he was here …
IRNA: Meet Marni, so gentle ketemuan same Anto. My, we do smth this, blandish Anto ketemuan that same Marni. How?
CEPI: Anto has dibilangin but also stubborn.
IRNA: You do not follow-up undisciplined. We share the task, agree? Okay?
CEPI: Okay.
AMPU changed.

Scenes TUJUH

Meet Marni ANTO. Marni have been long enough awaited, DUDUK DIAM-DIAM.
Marni: I think not …
ANTO: I think you also do not come …
(SOME WHEN ANY OF ANTO whim. DUDUK MAU BUT Marni on the Ragu. DUDUK Finally IA JUGA, but it’s a little FAR. The atmosphere is really stiff)
ANTO: You like to go to avoid the I right?
Marni: You never come home again, why?
ANTO: So that the father’s quiet, because there was no sound of motorcycle exhaust noise.
Marni: Wise one …
ANTO: I must know oneself. I am a free motorcycle taxis and chauffeur shoot. Do not you said the same court, came to the house, I was not worthy.
Marni: Oo so … so how berpikirmu? If so you better be a child my father, and it is not worth so pacarku. Sorry … goodbye! (Go)
ANTO: (surprised) Marni .. Marni …
Marni: Sorry, I do not have affairs with motorcycle taxis. (MAU go AGAIN BUT MENAHANNYA ANTO)
ANTO: Marni Sorry, I do not intend to make you angry.
Marni: You have made me angry.
ANTO: Sorry. I will not make you angry again. Excuse me.
Marni: Say with honesty, why not long coming? (LAMA not) Tell! You fear the same my father? I hate people who currish Anto. I am sure you also hate such people. So blame yourself, do not blame me. I like to go from home, tujuanku clear. I protested loud on my father because he does not just apply to us. Clear?
ANTO: You right, I currish ..
Marni: Good if you realize. But why should apply dastardly? You is not nothing wrong with my father. Court is also not a crime. Important that we know the limit.
ANTO: Yes. But your father may be right. You must select the right youth. And that’s not me.
Marni: Stop! Do not start again Anto. In addition to hate dastardly, I also hate the lower self. Previously you so confident with all that ye do. You have the aspiration and struggle hard to achieved. Is the excess you. That also makes yamg … I pity you … the same. So please do not change.
ANTO: You .. exactly the same I love?
Marni: (Malu) Ah, do you use again.
ANTO: But nilaiku sag. I and many narik skip school. I worry not pass.
Marni: Not yet too late to catch up.
ANTO: Cost more expensive course, what I enjoy?
Marni: Surely afford. You work hard. If necessary, you can work the other, the more income.
ANTO: But ngojek historical work, Marni. That is not it that confront us?
Marni: Yes. Voters motormu the exhaust noise I always make each visit you in the front of the house.
ANTO: Yes. And you say on your friends, I am the coolest motorcycle taxis.
Marni: That you clearly different. Motorcycle taxis nunggu if other passengers gaple play, you make PR. Motorcycle taxis always ready to change with the money, you do not. Motorcycle taxis another tip is ready to receive the money, you red-faced.
ANTO: Now I am not ashamed, that installment motor quickly settled.
Marni: Eh, how utangku?
ANTO: What debt?
Marni: Subscribe ngojek same for you.
ANTO: Save your money only. I do not need anymore.
Marni: That is what you need?
ANTO: Use ask again. We just met a long time?
Marni. (Hold TANGAN Marni)
Marni: (Malu) What is?
ANTO: Matter to go abroad, you do not really huh?
Marni: Do not know. Clear, I must go from home. I have no proof, my father truly diagnosed. Not fair. (Crying) I must protest. Must! Until ..
ANTO: Agree, can only protest. But I can in other ways. Away from home, not the right way. Later all so disorderly.
(Marni CONTINUOUS crying. Becalm ANTO). Wait, calm first. Marni quiet. Listen. (Marni DIAM)
However, the house is the best place to start any plan, all the ideals. And parents, segalak any, remain the same for my children.
Marni: Sok know, ah!
ANTO: I do not know sok, Marni. But really know.
You also know you for my father. You are only emotions.
Marni: How should I continue? What usulmu?
ANTO: Promise you will not go?
Marni: Yes. Origin of you to stay home as usual.
ANTO: The promise of return to school?
Marni: Yes. Promise.
ANTO: Okay. I have a suggestion for you. Come on, we talk in other places.


Eight scenes

CEPI DATANG KE RUMAH MARJUKI Marni to convey the message.
MARJUKI: My goodness, so Marni truly want to go abroad? I think the only threat.
CEPI: Apparently so, om. I also do not think Marni seriously.
MARJUKI: Marni continue where now? When berangkatnya?
CEPI: I also do not know. He is just now in the shelter. I frequently go back and forth in which the address, he still does not want to answer.
MARJUKI: But as soon as it is the process? Received rather than the process of foreign workers so long?
CEPI: That also never ask. He says, “all can be arranged” origin have the money.
MARJUKI: Marni from which money can?
CEPI: Yes Marni salary money from the cut each week later. “All the agencies are funded,” Marni says so.
MARJUKI: What is the name of agents? Where is the address?
CEPI: Marni is not a call-om. He only requested that I help take some of the clothes behind.
MARJUKI: My goodness, Marni .. Marni. What’s so great marahmu same father, up-to have to go abroad so foreign workers? Do not say goodbye again. Nak try CEPI think, is worth?
CEPI: If asked, reasonable or not, clearly inappropriate. But it seems, are very angry Marni same om. But hold the line, as a friend, I do not agree Marni go. Marni moment and the test must be studying next year. After graduating college, it’s like to be where and what. So foreign workers to foreign countries is not a problem. That is not the ugly. Complete the course, more secure future for Marni.
MARJUKI: Ah, the new sense. Continue, continue nak …
CEPI: Om Sorry, I can not be long. Marni clothes that I need take.
MARJUKI: When Marni would take the shirt-dress? Make a pact in which you meet?
CEPI: Om Sorry, I can not say. That message Marni.
MARJUKI: Please nak CEPI, mention. I have to meet before he went Marni. Please, I ask once. Please CEPI: Once again, sorry om. I can not violate the promise.
MARJUKI: Please …
CEPI: Sorry ommm …. I can not. (WHEN SOME MARJUKI peer)
But, if om prepared in cooperation with me, we can actually go to Marni. As I say before, I do not agree Marni go.
MARJUKI: Marni going to cancel? How? Clearly, I agree.
CEPI: But not until he knows. This is a secret between us. Om Agree?
MARJUKI: Agree. I could hold promise. How?
CEPI: Whoa. I would like to ask you, please answer honestly with what actually makes the same angry Marni om?
MARJUKI: My prohibit same court Marni Anto.
CEPI: Why?
MARJUKI: I do not know exactly. I feel, the son of Anto actually good. So, I do not really disallow. But Marni trigger outcry.
Omongannya does not feel heard, so add me irritated.
CEPI: I see Marni so. The forbidden, the more oppose. Essentially the same: you want to hear his voice.
MARJUKI: So how to go Marni not so?
CEPI: Turuti only kemauannya. Toh om Anto sure children are well.
MARJUKI: Nak CEPI can guarantee 100% go Marni canceled?
CEPI: Marni I have to meet first.
MARJUKI: Then met Marni, immediately. Say, I will allow the court Marni Anto. After that, they both get here to hear that directly from me.
CEPI: Om Marjuki can hold the promise?
MARJUKI: Can. I guarantee!
CEPI: Well. If so I guarantee 100% go Marni canceled. Om permission first, I have to search and Marni Anto now. I will tell this tidbit.
IRNA: CEPI Wait! Om Marjuki Sorry, we hear all this talk. We take a joy. But it’s not enough. There must be a written guarantee that the om Marjuki will fulfill the promise.
CEPI: Irna not, I believe this wise parents.
AUDI & LALA: Please do!
(Appears ANTO)
ANTO: No, not necessary. CEPI correct. I also believe om Marjuki will fulfill the promise. This is not a business sale and purchase of land or the like. But affairs of children and parents. Do not fuss. A verbal promise is sufficient.
IRNA: But …
MARJUKI: Nak Anto correct, do not fuss. We increasingly difficult, the longer the out-migrant workers in Marni. Pity him. Better we are now looking for Marni. Do you have the address?
(It comes from the Marni IN)
Marni: Marni’s father is here. No need to search.
MARJUKI: (surprised)
Marni? Ah, you kemarilah bud. Father is very worried there anything with you.
Marni: Do not worry father, I keep Anto. If not for him, I am sure foreign workers so real.
MARJUKI: Thank .. if so thankful. Thank you bud Anto.
ANTO: Marni overdo om.
Marni: Anto convince me that look, segalak anything, my father fixed me. And the home is the best plan and goal.

MARJUKI: Good. You find the right young son. And you do not live in a shelter is not it?
Marni: No.
IRNA, AUDI & LALA: At home we om. We smth.
MARJUKI: So who set nak CEPI come hither and theatrical play in front of me?
ANTO: I om. Sayalah komadan all this theatrical evening. As a commander I will not flee. I’m ready to trial.
MARJUKI: Good. That’s a good commander. You ready to charge in front of me penghulu marry my child?
ANTO: Now? IRNA & OTHER: Huuuu …
MARJUKI: Later, after I graduated college.
ANTO: Marni, ready to be members of Dharma Wanita?
Marni: (Malu) Ugh, the period must be discussed now? Already malem again. I have been through the duration deh. Where is the stage manager? Stage manager!
OTHER: Stage manager!
CEPI: I know he was stage manager. Tahunya menejer stage. Menejer stage!
Marni: Duration has not been through already?
MENEJER stage: Already through from the line.
MARJUKI: Rather ngingetin.
MENEJER stage: Exhausted ngomong there only …
MARJUKI: Ee, even angry with me. Lho I figure, this figure!
MENEJER stage: Let the leaders ngaco dimarahin.
ANTO: (laughing) (BICARA spectators ON)
Okay all audiences, it seems it’s time for us to separate. Story is finished, “sponsored links” hopefully no one addresses. And let us rest together.
(ANTO MENGGANDENG Marni and sing)




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