21 01 2010

Masterpiece MAX ARIFIN

1.Jamil, a teacher at the elementary Klaulan, South Lombok, aged 24 years
2.Saenah, Jamil’s wife aged 23 years
3.Kepala Village, in the flashback sound

Front of a room in the home village hari.Di wall night lights have
oil menyala.Ada an old desk. Above there are some books
besar.Kursi front of rattan is quite tua.Dekat wall there hall of parliament. A transistor radio is also visible on the table.

Voters jangkerik.suara bird dog malam.gonggongan in kejauhan.Suara Adzan dawn.

Sayup sayup sound track Asmaradahana, through the sad voice flute

Both husband and wife to show a pattern of life kota.dengan other words, they both come from the kota.tampak on fabrics and how they are wearing on the night of the show itu.mereka also as a good baik.hanya idelisme that flame that cause them located in the remote village.

01.Begitu screen tersingkap, seem preoccupied membaca.Kaki aerkos are ditelusurkan up its seats on the depannya.Sekali once he memijit mijit keningnya and lagi.Kemudian he read the face, looked far ahead, and think back on the distance bacaannya.Di heard a dog bark shrilly sedih.Jangkerik also decorate atmosphere that night. In the distance sounded melancholy flute carries Asmaradahana.
Jamil steal cigarettes on the table and menyulutnya.Asap berekepul to atas.Pada that time his wife emerged from behind the door of a room.

You’re not sleeping as well? Kukira already late malam.Beristirahatlah, a working day tomorrow?

Briefly, Saenah.Seluruh body is already tired, but still only pikiranku float to kemari.Biasa there, I just like the night night.

Baiklah.tapi what may akuketahui what kaupikirkan tonight?

Overall, what all this has kupikirkan during kurekam in harianku, Saenah.Perjalanan life-a young teacher who is placed in a remote village-like Klulan this sheet is now open for all of those.

What is now new to you let it to me? Kau akan save as a rahasia.Atau the secret?

Is not a secret, sayangku! Night night in isolated places as if I am called to be sesuatu.Dan contemplate if I can not meet ajakannya I will never experience such frustasi.Memang once, a night that mencekam, when I have to sleep with the sleep, I arrived at a crossroads where I can not memilih.Pasrah saja.Apa can kaulakukan where sesunyi this? [He daily prey book that is located on the table and put balikkannya] Try kaubaca catatanku dated … [while still turn back] .. this on 2 October 1977 .

[Read] “It is the year I served in Klaulan.Suatu places such as coral terpacak upright in the middle of the oceans, since the village is shown in the map bumi.Dari remote haunted him, are not: heat and dust kerontang prod tubuh.Ia dry, arid. I will be part of nature that are not this? Being a spectator diombangkan by ambingkan … tontonannya.Setahun goods in the past and during the man swallowed by nature “. [Pause and Saenah complain; looked right at Jamil before reading again].” I have not found masculinity in sini.Orang people as difficult to speak about his relationship with alam.Sampai in which this can kebisuan suffered? And what will be the next generation by generation kuhadapai every morning, is here can not be said of cruelty. “[Saenah stop reading and stare directly at the Jamil]

Why do you stop? Tatap I do not like that, Saenah.

What this paper does not unheard? Honesty I found in it?

Kupertaruhkan in honesty, Saenah.Aku can say, we sometimes dihinggapi by prudish attitude attitudes in a socially hidup.Ada bond that requires a union we say “Yes!” To anything, even in the hearts of us say “No”. I encourage Kejujuranku said, “No”, because I trained myself to be faithful to the person who nuraninya.Aku also know, now that the person sought is the person who would say, “Yes.” Yang said, “No” will be. [Pause] Yes difficult, Saenah.Tapi that the actual terjadi.Kecuali life if we will live to see this beautiful outside, in the dilapidated dalam.Itulah problem. [Pause.Suasana it becomes distance hening sekali.Di be drawn bow-wow]

I do not think to get there. Pikiranku simple saja.kau still remember of course, when we first arrived here, so a year lalu.Tekadmu to stand in front of the class, teaching the young generation to become pandai.Idealismemu up nyala.Waktu that we be greeted by the Head of the Village with a speech safe arrival. [S aenah run masuk.Jamil terkejut.tetapi jiffy Saenah appear while carrying a tape recorder!] putarlah This tape ini.Kaurekam events. [Saenah play the tape, then terdengarlah The Village Voice] … Welcome to you and Jamil istri.Inilah place kami.Kami please bear brother became a teacher in sini.Untuk relative shelter from the heat and wind, we have provided a hut perhaps not too good for saudara.Dan when you consider that the building only three elementary classrooms itu.Dindingnya has been torn, leaves the door has been broken off, cupboard cupboard already wobbly, bell hoe old former school that has been unused lagi.Semunya, everything becomes a challenge for us bersama.Selain, we introduce two other teachers who have five years work This is in sini.Yang you Sahli, while the bespectacled are you Hasan.Kedatangan you this will strengthen our determination to foster the younger generation in such a sini.Harapan hope you and Mr Hasan Sahli course. “[Saenah off the tape. pause, rather lama.Jamil resign, Saenah being looked at Jamil.Pelan Jamil slowly lift each mukanya.Mereka]

All put in good time and it all went normal.

Do not have a reasonable story on this now?

Now I ask you: jujurkah on nuranimu own? Rating hatimu.dan in the last mampukah you create such a court does not side to nuranimu own? Because not impossible stubbornness that stands behind all itu.Terus light of day to day as we recessive in this small community.

Will still have to say that I have attempted in all honesty do tindakanku? You blame me because I am too much a “No” in any dialogue with sekitarku.Tapi it is a sincere heart to follow steps masyarakatku.Tidak, Saenah.Mental community as katamu is not limited in the village, but it also is in the city

You do not understand masyarakatmu.

Community that does not understand me.

who is wrong in this case.


Who win?



I want to move from here. [Pause. Once they have a certain duration.].

[With a low voice] I think it is not a solution.

[Hardware] While it is indeed complete.

[Hardware] No! Must have something missing between you with this masyarakatmu.Selama you boast yourself as a pure idealis.Idealis, malah.Apalah mean that if you do not own and can not afford to be solid with masyarakatmu. [Pause]

[Lemah spoken] I be that time, when you coax me so I came here mu [Flashback to warn the light slowly pelan.Memakai potentiometer.Bisa or light green color that contrasts with the color a bit sad semula.Musik heave]

I want to live far from the noise, Saenah.Aku with a solitary life in the village, with a population of plain sederhana.Di there and I want to see a man who has not been scrubbed seutuhnya.Manusia attitude prudish attitude and outward belaka.Aku hope to welcome you with this keinginanku happy, and we shared the same kesana.Di there tenagaku more than the required in kota.Dan many of which I can do.

Already kaupikirkan both good? Struggle there means outside the range of attention.

I am not the person who needs attention and there is not publikasi.Kepergianku the hope to become teachers teladan.Coba imagine, the officials who may have difficulty a teacher on duty in Sembalun, for instance? Yes they each receive a salary bulan.Tapi from day to day dicekam silence, with a smile on the lips secercah show when the child bangsanya.dengan equipment may be lacking in the tool runs out of limestone, but his heart remains in sana.Aku not the people who need publications, but the size of the size and value of the value of a teacher in the village need to direnungkan again. This is not the illusion or delirium in the quiet night, Saenah.Sedang friends in the city have the opportunity for things that otherwise we ini.Itulah that’s pushing me, pushing my heart to put this duty in the village.

Okay, I Sayang.Ketika feet melangkahkan we enter the gates of marriage, I already know the kind of husband who kupilih itu.Aku prepared mendampingimu.Aku know, what task utamaku beside the house as a mother tangga.Yaitu menghayati task force to become husband and main karirnya.Aku are willing to leave the crowded city and I am already mentally ready to face the silence and solitude pun.Kau what kind of unnecessary doubt. [Pause senbentar.Pelan slow light back on the light]

Now I became leery of the idealism that first dirimu.Mana it? Center to kanan.apakah jejeran books that can not provide answers on the circumstances kauhadapi now? There are answers given by Leon Iris, Erich Fromm, or Alvin Toffler.Ya Emerson, the night the night I often see you open the open-book Erich Fromm-book, entitled The Society sane or its Future Shock Alvin Toffler that.

What about you kauketahui Eric Fromm is with the book? Or Toffler?

Banyak.Tapi the kuketahui not have the people who find strength in the book-bukunya.Dan he will not reverse even though the life of any kind of bitter dosodorkan kepadanya.karena he mempunyaai higher self-integrity people dri yng cause you bitterness hidupnya.apakah surrender in this case? melangkahkan feet When you enter this village, which is too bnyak akan kausumbngkan on this harsus kauakui.Tapi now-you-akuilah assume this village dirimu.Inilah ask too many risks in life desa.Seluruh aspects of our lives disorot.Smpai a matter of time until we are able not to be the size of our bertugas.Dan I know it I know you itu.Karena. [a serene atmosphere sekali.Pause]
I do not entirely blame kau.malah dim still appreciate you, and it is sepantasnya.Aku you do not want to sink so only in a msyarakat or in a system that has been ugly, but be entrenched in the community itu.Di anywhere if you berda.juga you never work in kantor.Kau vigorously told the paper how the Leon Uris novel, entitled VII.Di QB there Uris wrote, katamu that a man must be conscious and standing upright kemanusiaannya boundaries between madness and the strength of the moral environment that should be small pendukungnya.Betapapun strength itu.Di there man diuji.Ini not approve kuliah.Aku not matter if you speak less in terms of winning ini.Tidak who have less and not have the menang.Dialog that is still lacking.

I may start to realize what things are missing that kaukatakan tadi.generasi now have difficulties in problem hubungan.Hubungan between manusia.Mereka experience what is called the muteness intelektual.kita increasingly anxious, as if we will experience poverty artikulasi.Disementara schools in many schools even , coal is not the main lesson to be longer, while the more ideas that must be notified to all the mind sudut.Pertukaran needed.

Yes, as the exchange of the night ini.Kita mind must make sure the exchange will benefit. Have symptoms in the community in which the strong and powerful people reluctant to exchange pikiran.Untuk what, I said mereka.Kan power.

While the fate of a society depends on the itu.Dan things we should not forget the fact that society is not only in conflict with people who have attitudes that are not social but also often conflict with the nature of human nature is most needed, which is pressed by community itself.

That is not it that Erich Fromm says.

Indeed, I quoted him. [Voice sounded from afar and then bedug dawn adzan]

Oops, maybe this is subuh.Pagi children menunggumu, the younger generation that is you need.

I will remain in the village, sayangku.

I will keep bersamamu.Yakinlah. [Jamil led his wife to scream loud room tidur.Musik ago slow slow, sad and ultimately stop].




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